BOSIdna is the breakthrough social networking and collaboration platform where entrepreneurs from around the world can connect, learn and grow. BOSI is the acronym for Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator - the four cognitive segments of entrepreneurs discovered by serial entrepreneur and author, Joe Abraham.

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(Find out if Builder, Opportunist, Specialist or Innovator DNA drives you) A very cool #Entrepreneurial name @bosidna

Mohammad K. Obaidat @mobaidat

just took the entrepreneurial DNA test from @bosidna and came out as IO Innovator/Opportunist. Quite sure thats me!

Gunter Wehmeyer @gunterwehmeyer

Pretty interesting BOSI Profile Assessment - I'm OS. It's free on via @bosidna

Ian Gerald King @IanGeraldKing

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Entrepreneurial DNA the book that started the revolution

Not all businesses are the same. Neither are all entrepreneurs. In this engaging book Joe Abraham helps you sort it all out - and find the path that right for you.

Seth Godin, Author Linchpin

A game-changer

Scott Case, CEO Startup America Partnership

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