BOSIdna is the breakthrough social networking and collaboration platform where entrepreneurs from around the world can connect, learn and grow. BOSI is the acronym for Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator - the four cognitive segments of entrepreneurs discovered by serial entrepreneur and author, Joe Abraham.

About BOSI

Here, you'll gain eye-opening insight into yourself, the people surrounding you and the strategies and solutions best suited for you. is an online property owned and operated by BOSI Global.

This platform is here to serve the global business community with tools and insight to build great strategy and high-performance teams - by leveraging the BOSI Methodology.

We believe there is an entrepreneur inside everyone - and that inner entrepreneur is not a one-size-fits-all entrepreneur. Knowing whether Builder, Opportunist, Specialist or Innovator DNA is driving you (and your team) - and knowing what to do with that “entrepreneurial DNA” is game-changing.

The BOSI Methodology is now taught at universities and business schools. It is the subject of the critically acclaimed book Entrepreneurial DNA Business consultants and advisors on 5 continents are now certified in the methodology and available to serve you. It is also the methodology we use in our core business at BOSI Global - to build high-growth companies around the world.

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