BOSIdna is the breakthrough social networking and collaboration platform where entrepreneurs from around the world can connect, learn and grow. BOSI is the acronym for Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator - the four cognitive segments of entrepreneurs discovered by serial entrepreneur and author, Joe Abraham.

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How Can We Serve You?
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The Partner Program is an opportunity for entrepreneur-facing organizations to offer the BOSI Assessment to users and gain rich insight about them in the process. For example...

  • Investors are using it as a screening tool to find their ideal portfolio teams. They're also using it to match co-founders, management teams and mentors.
  • Business advisors are using it as a way to better understand how each client is wired - so they can give each client advice mapped to their unique BOSI Profile.
  • Large online platforms are using it as a way to engage site visitors, customize their user experience and make more personalized recommendations of their products and services.
  • Campuses are using it as part of their entrepreneurship education programs.
  • Government agencies are using it in workforce training/retraining and small business development programs.

There are dozens of other ways our partners are using the engine. Contact us or complete the partner program pre-registration form and we'll reach out to you for a friendly chat.

“We’ve gained eye-opening insight into our clients. Insight that has a huge impact on the advice we give them, the resources we recommend and the mentors we assign them to.” Harriet Parker, Waubonsee Community College SBDC

How it works

Step 1: Select the program that best fits you. If you're not sure, we're here to answer questions and make recommendations.

Step 2: Install BOSI on your site. Our out-of-the-box solutions are easy to setup and we'll bend over backwards if you need a more customized deployment.

Step 3: Launch! Once installed, you can forget about technology and focus on the important work of serving your audience. We become a seamless part of your process and equip you to deliver even better results than you do right now.

Program Options

Pick from the options below to learn more about each program. Don't see an exact fit for your needs? No problem! Give us a call and we'll customize a program for you.

The free Program: For organizations who simply want to recommend the BOSI Assessment as a resource - but don't need any results/data back.

Platform Partner: For tech-enabled brands that want to fully integrate our technology into their user experience, we offer co-branding, real-time API and killer functionality.

BOSI Certified Advisor: For business coaches, consultants and advisors. Be part of an elite network of firms who deliver breakthrough guidance to clients.

BOSI Certified Entrepreneurship Center: An exclusive program for not-for-profit organizations that serve entrepreneurs in any capacity. Includes colleges, universities, SBDCs and chambers.

Questions? Letʼs talk! Call 877-AM-I-BOSI (264-2674) or 1-847-754-4286