BOSIdna is the breakthrough social networking and collaboration platform where entrepreneurs from around the world can connect, learn and grow. BOSI is the acronym for Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator - the four cognitive segments of entrepreneurs discovered by serial entrepreneur and author, Joe Abraham.

About BOSI

Here, you'll gain eye-opening insight into yourself, the people surrounding you and the strategies and solutions best suited for you.

Released after 3+ years of research with over 1,000 entrepreneurs participating, BOSI is a framework that segments individuals based on their "entrepreneurial DNA". We believe there's an entrepreneur inside everyone. Discovering whether Builder, Opportunist, Specialist or Innovator DNA is driving you (and your team) will unlock tremendous insight that can be used to design and deploy strategy best suited for you. Start by discovering your BOSI Profile today!

We've been recognized by
Our team is built up of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives

Joe Abraham, founder (IB)

  • Founder of 4 successful companies
  • Award-winning advisor and business catalyst
  • Author, Entrepreneurial DNA and creator of BOSI
  • Speaks globally on entrepreneurship and innovation

Charlie McClary, CEO (BS)

  • Track record of scaling companies to $50+ million
  • Built companies in the US and abroad
  • CEO/COO experience across 5 industries
  • Oversees all BOSI Portfolio Companies

Alexey Tolkachiov, technology lead (IS)

  • PhD candidate in computer science
  • Featured twice in TechCrunch in 2012
  • Expertise in social and web application development

Steve Thompson, co-founder (SB)

  • 25+ years in human capital leadership
  • Specializes in building management teams to scale companies
  • 10+ years in private equity

Benjamin Goh, BOSI Asia Pacific (BO)

  • Entrepreneurial Globetrotter
  • Built multi-million dollar startup from the ground up
  • 25 years in senior leadership of multi-national companies

Mel Kaario, Director, Advisor Relations (OI)

  • Certified life and business coach
  • Works with certified BOSI facilitators and advisors worldwide
  • Lead trainer in company that grew from 3 to over 300 employees and $70M in revenues